You need to know

Here are some questions that you are interested in knowing the answers to and that will help you to know us more. Don’t forget that you can contact us at any time.

Your own design

We turn your ideas into reality as we do not offer imitation or ready-made designs, but we always strive for innovation and we manufacture laundries based on what suits you and with high accuracy after the process of raising sizes and making sure of all data.


All your designs and works submitted to you are documented in files and folders that we always keep to serve you to the fullest.

The quality you're looking for

We always work according to the highest quality standards, starting with the selection of high-quality materials, Experienced manufacturing team and quality supervisors who monitor the smallest details.

Important questions

At Dar Al Masaliya, we are committed to providing high quality materials by dealing with reliable suppliers, and a team of quality controllers ensures the safety of all products before shipping or delivering them to customers.

At Dar Al Masala we guarantee the quality of all works submitted by us, and we pledge and commit to providing the highest quality standards to customers. At Dar Al Masala, we do not bear the problems or damages resulting from misuse.

In Dar Al Masaliyah, we use natural marble and artificial marble, and the type of marble used for each product is clarified.

We are available to serve you in each of our branches in Riyadh

  • El Yasmeen Branch, King Abdul Aziz Road.
  • Nozha Branch, Imam Saud Ibn Abdul Aziz Road.

You can also contact us through customer service numbers, email or through the available social media.

Dar Al Masala working hours are from 9 am to 12 pm and from 4 pm to 10 pm all days of the week except Friday.

Do not hesitate to contact Dar Al Masala through the official communication channels on the site. You can contact us through the phone number 0112229226 during official working hours, or through customer care mail