Bohemian crystal

Luxury unmatched by any luxury

Czech and crystal

The name of the Czech Republic in the world is associated with three main products, most notably crystal, the crystal industry is rooted in the Czech Republic, especially in the northern Bohemia region deeply, the glass industry began in the Czech Republic in the ninth century AD, and historical sources indicate that the Czech Republic strongly dominated the European markets in the seventeenth century after its products proved high quality not only in content, but in shapes and designs, so that Czech glass, especially crystal, became a symbol
For quality and beauty.

Uses of Bohemian crystal throughout the ages

As evidence of the Czech leadership in the world in this area, it is noteworthy that crystal chandeliers decorated the palaces of King Ludwig XV in France, the palaces of the Austrian Empress Marie-Therese and the palaces of the Russian tsars, but now they decorate most of the palaces of the rich and in the finest international museums and have become a kind of real jewels and contemporary icons in beauty, quality and luxury.

The crystal industry, which dates back to the opening of the first school to teach in the Czech Republic

to 1763 and which is now carried out in more than 1000 workshops and factories throughout the Czech Republic, especially in the province of Bohemia, is not limited to the production of chandeliers, but various types of cups, vases or pots, various animal shapes, large and small fruit plates, and even crystal flowers and crystal necklaces, so this industry has become not only one of the main sources of income for Czechia, but also a source of fame for it as it has become synonymous with For professionalism, quality and beautiful taste.

Handmade precision.

The bohemian crystal is luxurious and meticulously crafted and is made entirely by hand and with high craftsmanship.

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