Radianz's natural quartz surfaces are durable and meaningful, giving them a distinctive and timeless look. The high-pressure manufacturing method has made it possible to produce high-density surfaces containing natural quartz with high purity. The quartz product is absolutely luxurious, has low maintenance costs and is suitable for many interiors.

Natural quartz

Environmentally friendly

Durable and heat resistant

Multi-color and designs

Why choose natural quartz?

The natural quartz product offers the beauty of natural stone with modern solutions, as quartz has the property of non-porous surfaces that do not absorb liquids without the need to use insulators. This ideal property has earned it the absolute certification for use in healthcare and food service delivery sites, and as it is made of natural quartz with a high density ratio, it is more resistant to scratches, heat and shocks.

Feature Quartz Granite Marble
Excellent stain resistance good fair
Excellent corrosion resistance excellent fair
Excellent chemical resistance good fair
Ventilation is excellent Adel Adel
Excellent bending strength good fair
Excellent color uniformity good fair
Crack resistance Excellent Excellent Fair
Care and maintenance excellent good fair

Multiple color options

Versatile Uses

سطح مطبخ رخام صناعي
جدرات وارضيات رخام

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