A success story.

At the beginning of 2006, with the increasing search for difference, a bright idea flashed in the head of an enthusiastic young man, specifically in Riyadh. In Saudi Arabia, this idea revolved around the manufacture of uniqueness at home, specifically in the field of laundries. This was the cornerstone of a series of stages punctuated by long hours of work, research and study, And the application of several foundations and controls based on that idea and ensure its success and presentation in a manner befitting the customer, which was followed by successive successes.

That’s where it started. It was the launch of Dar Almasalla, which was later registered as a brand concerned and specialized in the industry of uniqueness and sophistication, and which took it upon itself to provide excellence to customers with the highest possible quality always, With the enthusiasm of the founders and the passionate team, the name of Dar Al Masaliyah has spread throughout and has become an icon of uniqueness in the region.


We guarantee to provide the best quality, as the quality assurance team is always keen to follow up the manufacturing process using high quality products.


Our customers are always at the forefront, We are therefore keen to apply the highest levels of commitment in all our services.


Fill your senses with beauty, A wide range of special designs worked on through a selection of creative decorations.


Unique luxury, Where the best designs are executed using marble and distinctive natural stone.


We are always working on creating new designs that suit your taste to be unique in a collection that is the most beautiful without a competitor.

After-sales service

The customer service team is always present to meet your requests and respond to all your inquiries, in addition to maintenance teams trained to deal with all problems that our customers may face.

Why Dar Al Masala?

As the main goal is to create a unique customer experience while maintaining the highest quality standards, we specialize in Dar Al Masala with sanitary ware and marble laundry solutions in addition to cladding works for floors and walls of natural or artificial marble or other alternatives, and we also provide our customers with a variety of home accessories.

What do we offer?

At Dar Almasalla, we specialize in natural marble washbasins, natural stone washbasins and wooden washbasins. We also offer a wide range of washbasin options as bohemian crystal is one of the most elegant and distinctive options, in addition to resin basins, porcelain and natural marble.

Dar Almasalla is characterized by unique creative touches, as we are keen to provide all laundry accessories starting from mirrors, lighting, flower pots and elegant water taps.

Being unique is better than being different

We work to be always near you

Therefore, we have allocated a range of channels to serve you, starting with visiting our available showrooms in addition to communicating with the customer service team that is always ready to serve you through email, phone and various social media.

Our showrooms are at your service

Dar Almasalla sales consultants team is ready to serve you in both Alnozha and Alyasmin showrooms and is ready to provide advice and assistance, as we at Dar Almasalla offer our client solutions and not just products.

Dar Al Masala Exhibition - Al Yasmeen

Dar Al Masala Exhibition - Nozha