From high-quality materials and according to special standards, marble surfaces are manufactured with high efficiency that suit your multiple uses, as you can use artificial marble for kitchens, laundries and health centers in addition to many other uses.

Artificial Marble

Excellent healthy environment

High Quality

Design flexibility

Versatile Uses

Why choose artificial marble?

Staron products seek to crystallize any design so that it thrives. This product is available in more than 100 colors and patterns, Star products can be easily shaped into almost any shape or integrated as part of another business. Thanks to its flexible properties, it can be thermally shaped like flowing curves. The tile robe is tightly glued and paneled to make us have seamless bonding in walls, columns, display tools and other designs. Because STARON products have the non-porous property, It has been approved for use in sites where natural stone has failed, Such as healthcare facilities and food services. The colors of the Star Tempest collection have won the admiration of designers and interior professionals, and the natural patterns of the Star Excellence collection have also been famous.

Multiple color options

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