Cutting and polishing tools for marble

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KGS DIAMOND offers a wide range of cutting and polishing solutions using high-quality materials such as Diamond, FERRZON®+ and all kinds of premium traditional materials. In addition KGS has unique manufacturing technologies used to create advanced product solutions for EMI protection, silkscreen printing and multi-color flow.

KGS DIAMOND is active throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia. KGS in many countries offer a complete “mass shopping” concept that serves natural and engineered stone markets.

Environmentally friendly

Environmental protection is part of KGS Group's corporate values and business strategy. All employees are actively involved in this commitment to environmental responsibility. KGS constantly strives and is committed to using the latest, most sustainable and up-to-date production technologies.


Since 1952, KGS has been recognized as the world leader in the development of innovative products for the diamond abrasive industry. KGS' R&D team is constantly working to create new products and obtain patents,

High Quality

The best of Swiss Diamond Technology® is the cornerstone of KGS philosophy. The dedication of senior management to KGS has led to ISO 9001 certification: 2015. KGS' policy aims to continuously improve its processes, procedures and products.


KGS is highly committed to safety. As a member of the Association of European Abrasive Producers (FEPA), We take great care to ensure that our products comply with the relevant European and international standards.

Swiflex CX Marble Sanding Paper from KGS

KGS Flexis Handpad 90x55 Hand Sanding

Swiflex XX Granite Sandpaper from KGS

Marble and granite cutting discs

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